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ORIENTALIST Discovery Pack

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Get the entire 4 bottle set of The Orientalist Spirits (not including the limited edition Mizunara Whisky) at a reduced rate.

The Orientalist Spirits is the first truly pan-Asian craft spirits company, with its spiritual home on the Tibetan plateau in magical mythical Shangri-La.

Their multi award-winning Origins vodka (S$118) is a blend of longan honey, Tibetan highland barley and potato vodka, creating an unusually aromatic vodka that is unlike any other.

ABV: 40%  (80 Proof)

The Gunpowder gin (S$118) is crafted from 23 botanicals from around Asia, including gunpowder tea, Siberian ginseng, dried tangerine peel, Kampot peppercorn and omija berries, using a hybrid of traditional and modern low temperature vacuum distillation to create an elegant well-balanced gin.

ABV: 40%  (80 Proof)

The 8YO double wood matured Dragon whisky (S$138) is the world’s first all-Asian blended whisky, created from a blend of Japanese, Taiwanese and Indian whiskies, the three acclaimed whisky regions in Asia.

ABV: 43%  (86 Proof)


The Orientalist Solera 23 Imperial rum ($138) is a small batch hand-crafted dark sipping rum made from a blend of rums between 6 and 23 years of age from Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia aged at origin in the classic Solera process from a series of ex-bourbon and Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels.

All the rums are produced from first pressings of the finest tropical sugar cane in Asia and distilled in copper-lined column stills. Our rum is the only product in the range that is produced in collaboration with an external master blender.

ABV: 43% (86 Proof)

Aged: Solera system aged between 6–23 Years

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