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The Orientalist Gunpowder Gin is a contemporary gin that is produced using a blend of traditional and low temperature vacuum distillation methods and techniques.

The Orientalist Gunpowder Gin contains hints of tea, black pepper and citrus; giving it a crisp, clean, sophisticated and well balanced taste. In total, 23 different botanicals were used in the making of this gin: Gunpowder tea, Kampot peppercorn, Siberian ginseng, Korean Omija berries, dried tangerine peel, Osmanthus flower, angelica, coriander, orris root and Macedonian juniper berries - just to name a few.

This aromatic and refreshing Gin is perfect for a hot day and can be enjoyed in a classic Martini or in a cheeky Negroni.

Colour : Clear

ABV : 40% (80 Proof)

Vintage : Non-vintage

Aged : Unaged

Bottle : 700ml

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